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9 October 2017
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Are you looking for concrete block making machines and don’t know which one is best suited to your needs?

At Poyatos we want to provide you with the best solution, this is why we have different concrete block machines that adapt to the needs of each business owner. In this article we will show you the various different characteristics of each one. We have organized them in sections according to their main features and advantages.

Do you need a maximum production concrete block machine?

In that case you should take a look at the Megabloc or the Novabloc concrete block machines:

Megabloc concrete block making machines:

They offer a reliable, tried and tested system with modular vibration and minimum requirements to get them up and running. In addition, they need minimum maintenance and will therefore help us to reduce costs.

The system also includes an encoder to electronically control the rate and frequency of vibration with maximum precision. This makes the Megabloc one of the most reliable concrete block making machines on the market.



The Novabloc concrete block machine

This model of machine for the manufacture of concrete blocks includes modular vibration (system patented by POYATOS worldwide) which consists of two vibrating shafts which are synchronized unidirectionally. Two eccentric rotating masses are attached to each shaft which, at full power and load, either offset or complement each other to create different vibration levels without having to shut off the motor.

This means time-saving on stops and starts, and as a result is also a timesaver in the manufacture of concrete blocks.

concrete block machines 2

Or do you prefer to go for maximum reliability?

If instead you decide to go for maximum reliability in your production (all our machines provide this), the Universal concrete block making machine is your best bet. This is an automatic concrete block machine model which gives great reliability to your finishes; it includes synchronized unidirectional vibration and needs minimum maintenance.

The Universal includes a dosing system to measure (via several different methods) the water, cement sand and gravel in order to provide the correct mix of the components to create concrete blocks completely automatically.

And what’s more, it provides maximum production, manufacturing 1,500 20x2x40 concrete blocks per hour with the capacity to handle 1,600 trays in an 8-hour work day.

Are you looking for a more economical concrete block machine?

Finally, we would like to mention these two machines which are aimed at business owners who are looking to reduce maintenance costs and cannot afford to make a large investment:


Because it is the most economical, this model is ideal for entrepreneurs or business owners who want to launch a new project in a developing country.

In addition, although this is an economical concrete block machine that suits the needs of entrepreneurs in developing countries, it also provides significant production capacity.

This is also a robust machine and is very easy to handle and maintain.

concrete block machines 3


The Syncro concrete block machines do not require major investment in maintenance, yet still provide significant production.

The Syncro concrete block machine model works with a wooden or metal tray with a length ranging from 1200mm to 1400mm and from 600mm to 900mm in width. This model of stationary, automatic concrete block making machine is robust, easy to handle and requires minimum maintenance.

At the same time this model has significant production capacity and a synchronized vibration system powered by a 15Kw motor with a frequency converter.



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