Some features of the mixing process in concrete batching plants

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21 October 2016
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Do you want to find out more about the features of the mixing process?

Here at Poyatos we would like to help you study these in depth and, therefore, we will show you some of the features involved in the mixing process at our concrete batching plants. Today’s article will focus on the concrete dosage unit and the volume-based dosage belt conveyor which are two basic elements in the mixing process for the manufacture of any type of concrete blocks.


As you know, concrete is a mass composed of a mixture of cement, water, sands and gravel with fine aggregates, or sands and gravel with coarse aggregates, as well as different additives. Once these have set they acquire considerable strength. For this to take place the aggregates must be evenly distributed throughout the mix which is of primary importance; this also avoids the appearance of lumps. Dosage therefore entails the automatic control and exact measurement of the quantities of aggregates in order to comply with the specifications of quality control regulations and to ensure that the concrete block manufacturing process is problem free.


Volume-based dosage belt conveyors

The dosage belt conveyors, also called feeders, transport all of the material from each hopper via a horizontal collecting belt, or skip, to the mixer. A weighing belt is also used for each hopper in order to automatically monitor each aggregate on the control panel designed for this purpose.

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