The Megabloc concrete block machine: why choose it?

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27 November 2017
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Are you looking for the most reliable concrete block machine?

Then the Megabloc concrete block making machines may well be your best choice, as they offer a reliable and highly tried and tested system with modular vibration and minimal requirements to get them up and running.

It also features an installation control system with a computerized control panel with touch screen. And the system includes an encoder for electronically controlling the frequency and range of vibration with exact precision. This makes it one of the most reliable concrete block making machines on the market.

Other advantages of the Megabloc concrete block machines

Máquinas de bloquesBut besides maximum reliability, the Megabloc requires minimal maintenance, so it will help us reduce costs. This is a machine that combines output and budget reduction.

And to top it all, these concrete block machines feature the highest productivity on the market (over 4,500 20 cm concrete blocks per hour, 18 pieces per tray) thanks to their modular vibration system (patented), driven by a single 45 kW motor.

This makes it an ideal block making machine for companies that require high production of concrete blocks.

Other features of Megabloc concrete block making machines

And, in case you haven’t yet opted for this type of concrete block making machine, have a look at these other specific product features:

1. Different systems providing different finishes for the product.

2. It is equipped with a 12 metric ton Multiforca forklift with optional 180° rotation.

3. It has system control by means of a computerized control panel with touch screen.

4. It has an output of 200 x 200 x 400 mm blocks (blocks per hour). And/or 198 x 98 rectangular paving stones (60/80) mm (in m²).

5. It comes with the option of installing 90 kW for double layer manufacturing.

6. MEGABLOC also offers single or double layer concrete and single or double tray options.


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