Universal: the maximum output concrete block machine

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2 January 2017
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Do you need a concrete block machine that provides maximum reliability?

In that case the Universal adapts perfectly to your needs and is also one of the concrete block making machines with the highest output. This is an automatic machine with a dosage system for water, cement and gravel which uses different methods to calculate the correct mix of the different components that go to make concrete blocks in a totally self-contained manner.

The Universal concrete block making machine has a 10-level, double-tray elevator to carry out the vertical movement of the blocks. It also includes an automatic palletizer with pallet storage and a free-roller conveyor.

But, as we mentioned earlier, it also provides maximum hourly production with an output of 1500 20x20x40 concrete blocks and can produce 1600 trays in an eight-hour working day. It can also create 10 m³ of concrete every 60 minutes.

A concrete block making machine requiring minimum maintenance

Another feature of this concrete block machine is that it provides continuous oil-bath lubrication which reduces maintenance – and your investment costs – to a minimum.


It is also equipped with adjustable vibration parameters plus a 30 hp hydraulic motor with a piston drum and variable flow rate.

Lastly, we would like to add that the electronic palletizer is automatic and therefore functions electromechanically.

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