Universal P75: the high production concrete block making machine that offers maximum reliability

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10 October 2016
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Are you looking for concrete block making machines that can provide maximum output and total reliability?

Then the Universal P75 concrete block making machine is your best choice because it combines precision with productivity.

It is equipped with a five-level double-tray elevator and lowerator providing the vertical movement for the concrete blocks and includes an automatic palletizer with pallet storage and a free-roller conveyor.

What’s more, this is an automatic machine because the dosage system uses different methods to measure water, cement sand and gravel in order to provide the correct mix of the components to form concrete blocks completely automatically.

How to get maximum production

The Universal P75 concrete block making machine offers maximum hourly output, manufacturing 1500 20x20x40 blocks and 1600 trays per 8-hour working day.

Moreover, on each cycle it can produce 7.5 20x20x40 blocks, 15 10x20x40 blocks and 25 10x10x10 paving stones.



It can also produce 1600 m³ of concrete every 60 minutes. So if you’re looking for maximum output this is the perfect concrete block making machine for you.

No need for large scale installations

This concrete block making machine requires a maximum surface area of 3800 m and 88.9 kW of power (118.5 HP) as well as 1125 liters in the mixer.

It is also equipped with a curing area and an electronic palletizer.

Other characteristics of the high production concrete block making machine

The high production concrete block making machine handles two trays at a time with controlled elevation and loweration. It can be used to manufacture concrete blocks, slabs, kerbstones and paving stones etc.



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