The best solutions for the Manufacture of Paving Stones

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5 April 2018
paving stones
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Are you looking for machinery for the manufacture of paving stones?

Then Poyatos is your best solution. We design and manufacture (under our own patents) machines for the manufacture of paving stones. All of these machines are designed for automated storage facilities.

At our concrete block machine factory  we have a wide range of concrete block making machines, from the most powerful and reliable, with maximum hourly output, to others that are more economical and have lower maintenance costs.

And besides, we have different machinery to offer the best finishes to your concrete blocks. You can read more about this below.

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Manufacture of paving stones: machinery for the best finishes

As we mentioned, at Poyatos you will find the best machines to offer high quality finishes, among which we would like to highlight:

1. Processes for the aging of concrete blocks

This is a bush-hammering or aging machine that provides an aging process and is equipped with 144 hardened steel hammers.

Moreover, it comes equipped with a cabin to reduce noise and at the same time acts as a dust intake chamber.
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2. Color dosing systems

The second machine that we would like to highlight for the manufacture of paving stones is the dosing and color distribution systems for powdered and granulated colorants for all models of Poyatos stationary concrete block making machines.

3. Splitting machines

Finally, the semi-automatic splitting machine for cutting concrete blocks is equipped with 4 blades (lower, upper and lateral).

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