Syncro Concrete Block Machines: minimum maintenance in your factory

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11 December 2017
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Need to reduce the maintenance of your concrete block machines?

Then the Syncro, an automatic concrete block making machine, may well become your best partner. In addition, you can reduce costs without having to sacrifice excellent output.

The Syncro concrete block making machines don’t need major investments in maintenance, so you can reduce your manufacturing costs.

How does the Syncro concrete block making machine work?

This type of machine for making concrete blocks are very easy to handle; they are semi-automatic, so instead of the machine moving (occupying excessive space in your factory) it’s the trays themselves that move.

It is worth mentioning that these machines offer various different possibilities. The circuit of the installation can be configured in a line or in a U configuration with a 5-level set of elevators and descenders that speeds up the transfer of the trays to the drying room by means of a fork lift. In addition, on the subject of palletizing, you can choose between a pneumatic or automatic palletizer.

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