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12 October 2017
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Looking for an economical concrete block making machine?

Then our Prima concrete block machine may well be the best choice on the market. This model is highly economical and adapts perfectly to the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners hoping to launch a new project in a developing country. This is because, among other factors, it requires little maintenance.

And it also requires less power (vibration power: 7.5 KW and 11 KW for the hydraulic generator) as well as less usable workspace to carry out the production process (700 square meters in total).

How the Prima concrete block machines work

In this case the production of concrete and the manufacture of the pieces are both automatic processes. Once they have been vibrated, an operator uses a handcart to remove the pieces from trays of either wood or metal and transports them to the curing area. Subsequently, the pieces are manually palletized.

Technical characteristics of the Prima concrete block machine

Some technical data:

● Tray dimensions: 1080 x (560 or 680) mm.

● Usable workspace: 1020 x (520 or 640) mm.

● Product height: From 50 to 250 mm.

● Cycle time: 18 – 25 seconds.

● Average hourly block production: 1100 blocks (20x15x40 cm.).

● Minimum surface area: 700 m2.

● Programmable logic controller (PLC) with variable terminals and data and production memory storage.


● Single vibrating table.

● Continuous oil bath lubrication (minimum maintenance).

● Maximum force: 47.6 KN.

● Power: 7.5 KW.

Hydraulic generator:

● Water cooled.

● Power: 11 KW.

Other Prima concrete block machine models

Prensa Prima L

If you want to take your manufacturing process a step further, the Prima L model may well be the best choice for you as it provides greater automation by including an elevator-lowerator assembly that facilitates the process of tray transfer to product curing as well as a clamp for the final palletizing of the pieces. By relying less on the human factor, production is therefore boosted and installation productivity is increased.

Prima L

Prima P-50

If you want to go one step further than the standard Prima whose maximum hourly production is 750 concrete blocks (20x20x40) (number of trays in 8 hours: approximately 1,200/concrete per hour: 5m3), in the case of the Prima-50 these figures increase to 850 concrete blocks (20x20x40) (number of trays in 8 hours: approximately 1,360/concrete per hour: 5.5m3).

pRIMA p50

And it does not require major electrical installations (total installation power: 40.85 Kw. / 54.50 HP, as opposed to 34.15 Kw /45.50 HP in the case of the basic Prima).

The Prima P-70 and the Prima P75

If you decide to opt for a concrete block machine that provides greater hourly production but that is still economical and has no need for large electrical installations, then the Prima P-70 or the Prima P-75 may well be your best options.

See below for the main technical features of the Prima P-70 concrete block machine:


And those for the Prima-75 machine for manufacturing concrete blocks:


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