Prima P-50: the concrete block making machine that doesn’t need large electrical installations

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31 August 2016
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Are you an entrepreneur in a developing country looking for a machine that makes concrete blocks that doesn’t require a major electrical installation?

In that case, as we mentioned in our article on the Prima Press: the machine for making concrete blocks for entrepreneurs, this is the system that adapts to your needs. If you want to go one step further in terms of production and more specifications, the Prima P-50 concrete block making machine is the best solution for your needs.

The difference between the two systems is that the standard Prima has a maximum hourly production of 750 concrete blocks (20x20x20) (number of trays in 8 hours: approximately 1,200/concrete per hour: 5m3). In the case of the Prima-50 these figures increase to 850 concrete blocks (20x20x20) (number of trays in 8 hours: approximately 1,360/concrete per hour: 5.5m3).


And it does not require major electrical installations (total installation power: 40.85 Kw. / 54.50 HP, as opposed to 34.15 Kw /45.50 HP in the case of the basic Prima).

Moreover, the Prima concrete block making machine does not have a palletizer and the transfer and handling of the product is carried out via hydraulic forklift while with the P-50 this is done with metal shelves and either a manual or electronic palletizer.

Main features of the Prima P-50 machine for manufacturing concrete blocks

This is one of the most economical concrete block making machines and goes one step further in production, adapting to the needs of businesses that plan to launch a project in a developing country.

The tray measurements are: 1,080 x 560 or 680 mm with a cycle time of 22 – 25 seconds and an output of 5 20x20x40 concrete blocks, 9 10x20x40 concrete blocks or 16 10×20 paving stones per cycle.

It also features a 4-level, 2-tray elevator and lowerator, requiring a total surface area of 1,900 m2.

Prima P-70 and Prima P-75 Concrete Block Machines: one step further

If you decide to opt for a concrete block machine that provides greater hourly production but that is still economical and has no need for large electrical installations, then the Prima P-70 or the Prima P-75 may well be your best options.

See below the main technical features of the Prima P-70 concrete block machine

  • Total Power: 88,90 KW/118,5o cv
  • Pallets size:1.240*750 or 660*MM
  • Cycle time:18-22 seconds.
  • Minimum factory surface: 3.000 m2

And those for the Prima-75 machine for manufacturing concrete blocks:

  • Total Power: 88,90 KW/118,5o cv
  • Pallets size:1.240*750 or 660*MM
  • Cycle time:18-18 seconds.
  • Minimum factory surface: 38000 m2

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