Poyatos: manufacturer of Spanish Concrete Block Machines

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31 October 2017
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Do you want to buy concrete block machines with all the guarantees?

Then go for a Spanish concrete block machine manufacturer. Because we comply with all the regulations and guarantees of the European Community and the European Union (ISO, EN) as well as the Spanish (A. E. N. O. R.) Standard. Offering quality guarantees to all our customers. So you can always rely on what you’re buying.

We are specialists in providing comprehensive solutions for the installation of concrete block production plants and other precast concrete products. And we offer a wide range of concrete block making machines. From the most economical to those with the highest hourly output.

In addition, we have been manufacturing since 1975, so we have wide experience in the sector. And our extensive technological capacity has positioned us at the forefront of the manufacture of concrete block making machines.

Concrete block machine factory in Spain

Our Poyatos concrete block machine factory is located in Granada, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, Spain. So if you want to come and visit us, you can take advantage of this opportunity to do some sightseeing in one of the most attractive cities in Europe that attracts more than 3 million tourists a year.

Among its tourist attractions are the Alhambra, the most visited monument in Spain and the cathedral, the first Renaissance church in the country.

What’s more, Granada is also a very safe city; visitors can walk around for hours and enjoy the shops, the spectacular views and the Spanish gastronomy. The city has an intense nightlife full of cultural events, concerts, nightclubs and flamenco shows.

And, if you are a ski lover, don’t forget that in the province of Granada you can practise skiing in Sierra Nevada, which is only 40 minutes away by car.

Poyatos representatives worldwide

To top it all, we have Poyatos representatives all over the world: in Moscow (Russia), Muscat-Oman, Istanbul (Turkey), Cairo (Egypt), Algiers (Algeria), Casablanca (Morocco), Michigan (USA), Querétaro (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), Sao Paulo (Brazil).


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