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1 August 2017
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Looking for construction machinery?

Then at Poyatos you will find the best solution to fit your needs because we are manufacturers of machinery for the production of precast concrete. What’s more, we are specialists in providing comprehensive solutions for the roll-out of plants for the production of concrete blocks and other precast concrete products.

We therefore offer our customers solutions ranging from stationary concrete block machines with outputs of 800 concrete blocks per hour to high production machines with outputs of over 4500 concrete blocks per hour.

High production concrete block machines

So, come and find automatic concrete block machines that provide both high production and maximum reliability such as the Megabloc, the Universal, and the Novabloc – machines that will adapt perfectly to your needs.

We manufacture machinery to give special finishes to your products. These are designed for installations with automated storage.

Automatic concrete block machines

Moreover, at our factory you will also find concrete block machines with lower production capacity but that require less maintenance and at a lower initial cost. Here you will find all the different varieties of our Prima and Syncro models.

Concrete batching plants for all our machines

If you need concrete batching plants you can have a look at the Turbomixer; this can be manually or automatically operated by either a pneumatic or hydraulic system. It adapts to all types of concrete block making machines.
Plantas de hormigón

The Planetary is another example of our construction machinery. This is state-of-the-art machinery for your concrete batching plants. This machine will ensure that you achieve a faster concrete block production process.

Machinery for special finishes to concrete blocks

Lastly, if you are looking for other types of construction machinery that provide special finishes to your concrete blocks then you have come to the right place. For example, the splitter, the aging machines and the polystyrene injection and color dosing systems.

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