Poyatos concrete block machine factory: find out how our products work

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19 April 2018
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Do you want to know how our concrete block machines work?

In today’s article we want to highlight the functionality of some of our most well-known products: concrete block machines, splitting machines, etc. We consider that the best way to do this is by watching some of our videos.

A simple and practical way for you to get an idea of how they work:

E-600 splitting machine for concrete blocks

This is a semi-automatic concrete splitting machine equipped with 4 blades (lower, upper and lateral) with mechanically and hydraulically compensated forces. It also has a support for concrete blocks with heights ranging from 40 to 270 mm (optional up to 420 mm).


Prima concrete block machines

The concrete block making machine for entrepreneurs par excellence. It is very economical and does not require large-scale electrical installations.

Prima L: Another model for manufacturing concrete blocks

Syncro: the concrete block machine that requires minimal maintenance

A stationary automatic concrete block machine, sturdy, easy to use and maintain, but with a high production capacity.

Syncro U Model

The ideal machine for a concrete block machine factory: Megabloc

This high production concrete block machine offers a reliable, tried and tested system, as well as a tele-assistance service for breakdowns.


Novabloc allows you to reduce the time needed to manufacture concrete blocks while saving energy. Minimum investment in maintenance.


The Universal concrete block making machine provides maximum hourly output; it has synchronized unidirectional vibration and requires minimal maintenance.

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