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28 February 2018
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Do you want to know the output levels of all our concrete block machines?

This way you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In this article, we examine this aspect in greater depth. Read this post to find out more.

Since here at Poyatos we patent and manufacture concrete block making machines with different production volumes, we would like to tell you a little more about each one of them. We provide concrete block machines with all types of production capacity, from the lowest volume and most affordable, to others with high hourly output.

Medium output concrete block making machines

1. Prima: with a tray of 1080×560 or 1080×680, it requires a usable demoulding surface of 1020×520 or 1020×640, it has a cycle time of 18-25 seconds. Per cycle it can produce from 16 to 20 paving stones of 10×20, or 6 concrete blocks of 15x20x40; or 5 of 20x20x20.

The output per hour is between 51 m2 and 642 m2-, 1000 blocks of 15x20x40 and 800 of 20x20x20. With a total of 6m3 of concrete per hour.


2. Prima L: the same size as the Prima model, this machine requires the same usable demolding surface and has the same cycle time of 18-25 seconds. Here’s the production chart:


3. Syncro Concrete Block Machine: tray of 1240×660 or 1240×750, it requires a usable demoulding surface area of 1110×600, or 1110×690, its cycle time is 18-25 seconds. Below you can see the graph showing the production volume:


4. Syncro -2, -4: Same size and requires the same usable demoulding surface area. Same cycle time of 18-25 seconds.


High output concrete block machines

1. Universal: here are all the figures for one of the most reliable concrete block machines on the market today.


2. Universal-4-900: This concrete block making machine is a similar model to the above.
3. Novabloc: with this machine you can reduce your concrete plant production times. See the graph for exact figures.
4. Novabloc-900: a variation on the above model.


5º Megabloc: have a look at the figures for the highest output concrete block machine that we have at Poyatos:


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