Novabloc: time-saving for your concrete block factory

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3 August 2016
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Do you need a time-saving concrete block making machine?

If so, the Novabloc concrete block making machine is the solution for you. This concrete blockmaking machine has a modular vibration system (patented worldwide by POYATOS) which consists of two unidirectional synchronized vibrating shafts.

Two eccentric rotating masses are attached to each shaft which, at full power and load, either offset or complement each other to create different vibration levels without having to shut off the motor.

This means time-saving on stops and starts (approximately two seconds per cycle) and as a result is also a timesaver for your concrete block factory.

The Novabloc concrete block making machine: maximum production

The Novabloc concrete block making machine provides a maximum hourly output of 2,200 concrete blocks (20 x 20 x 40) and handles 2,340 trays in an eight-hour working day (putting it one step ahead of the Universal).

It can also produce 15 cubic meters of concrete every 60 minutes. So if you need to manufacture concrete blocks in a hurry this is the perfect solution for you.

Energy efficiency and minimal maintenance

The Novabloc concrete block making machine provides energy-saving on stops and starts and, due to its instant vibration shutdown, prevents disintegration of materials and equipment.


The Novabloc concrete block making machine also saves maintenance on all the vibration mechanisms because it is operated by a single 40 HP motor at 1,500 rpm (normal standard motor) which requires no maintenance.

Other features of the Novabloc concrete block making machine

The Novabloc includes a Multiforca Forklift with a ten-level elevator and can be used to manufacture concrete blocks, slabs, kerbstones and paving stones, etc.

The Novabloc requires a total surface of 10,000 square meters and a total installed power of 129.39 kW/ 1175.5 HP. This high-production concrete blockmaking machine also includes an electronic palletizer.


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