Megabloc concrete block machines: insurance for your concrete plant

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15 March 2018
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Looking for the most reliable concrete block machines?

Then the Megabloc concrete block making machines are the best option. These machines have a reliable, tried and tested system with modular vibration and minimal requirements to get them up and running.

It requires minimal maintenance, so it will help us to reduce costs. In addition, the system includes an encoder for electronically controlling the frequency and range of vibration with maximum precision. This makes it one of the most reliable concrete block making machines on the market.

Do you want to achieve maximum production in your concrete block factory?

So if you need to maximize production, this concrete block machine is the perfect choice.

It also offers a reliable and proven system and a tele-assistance service for breakdowns. And it also has modular vibration consisting of two unidirectionally synchronized vibrating shafts. Each one of these has two eccentric masses.


More features of the Megabloc concrete block making machines

In addition to the above, the following specific characteristics of the product deserve special mention:

1. Different systems for the output of the finished product.

2. It has a 12 ton multiforca with optional 180º rotation.

3. It includes installation control by means of a computerized control panel with touch screen.

4. It can produce 200x200x400mm blocks (blocks/hour). And/or rectangular paving stones 198x98x (60/80)mm (in m²).

5. It can optionally be installed with 90kW for double layer production.

6. MEGABLOC is also available with one or two layers of concrete and single or double trays.

To conclude, here is a video describing how our Megabloc concrete block machines work.


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