Manufacture of paving stones: find what you are looking for in Poyatos

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21 June 2017
paving stones
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Looking for machinery to manufacture paving stones?

If so, Poyatos is your best option because we design and manufacture machines for the manufacture of paving stones. We also have several concrete block machines, from the most powerful and reliable to other less expensive machines that also need less maintainenance.

All of these machines are designed, manufactured and patented by us, so we can ensure full warranty on all our machinery.

Manufacture of paving stones: different finishes

At Poyatos we have machines to provide different finishes to your concrete blocks such as:

1. Aging processes for concrete blocks

Our aging machine employs a hammering process and is equipped with 144 tempered steel hammers.

What’s more, this machine includes a noise-reducing booth which also acts as a dust intake chamber.

2. Color dosage and polystyrene injection systems

Color dosage and distribution systems for powder and granulated colorants that adapt to all the POYATOS stationary concrete block machine models.

We also offer systems for the insertion of polystyrene layers patented for all Poyatos concrete block machine models for the manufacture of insulated concrete blocks. This process is available automatically or manually depending on the model.

3. Splitter machine:

The splitter machine is automatic and is used for cutting concrete blocks; it is equipped with four blades (upper, lower and lateral).

Different concrete products at Poyatos

At Poyatos we design machines to make curbstones, paving stones and all types of precast concrete. So whatever you are looking for in the manufacture of paving stones, you’ve surely come to the right place.

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