Manufacture of paving stones: find the machines you need in Poyatos

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24 November 2016
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Do you need machines to manufacture paving stones?

If so, Poyatos is your best option because we design and manufacture machines for the manufacture of paving stones and concrete blocks.

We also have several concrete block making machines, from the most powerful and reliable offering the highest hourly output to other less expensive machines that are also less costly to maintain.

Prima, Syncro, Universal, Megabloc and Novabloc are the five concrete block machines that we currently supply in Poyatos as well as some variations on these great models.

Machines for creating different finishes

At our concrete block making factory you will find several machines to provide different finishes to your paving stones manufacturing process such as:


We supply a patented aging machine for application on the upper layer of paving stones and other pieces. This is carried out by a process of aging by hammering that uses 144 tempered steel hammers, thus providing your products with a distinguishing finish.


What’s more, this machine includes a noise-reducing booth which also acts as a dust intake chamber.

Color dosage systems

If you want to get a different color in the manufacture of your paving stones, have a look at our color dosage and distribution systems for powder and granulated colorants that adapt to all the Poyatos models of concrete block making machines.



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