Looking for a highly reliable concrete block making machine?

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24 May 2017
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Are you looking for a concrete block making machine that is tried, tested and reliable?

Poyatos offers you the best solutions: the Megabloc concrete block machines. These machines are the best choice for you because they offer a reliable system that has been tried and tested. They include modular vibration and require very little to get them up and running.

What’s more, the Megabloc concrete block making machine doesn’t need much maintenance investment and therefore helps to reduce costs.

How does the Megabloc concrete block machine work?

This model’s system includes an encoder to electronically control vibration range and frequency with maximum precision, making the Megabloc model one of the most reliable concrete block machines on the market.

Maximum production concrete block machines

Another strong point of this concrete block machine model is that it provides the highest level of productivity on the market (more than 4,500 20 cm blocks per hour, 18 pieces per tray) thanks to its modular (patented) vibration system, powered by a single 45 kW motor.


In addition, the engine is mounted on 2 independent vibration tables, allowing compensation during filling by independently regulating the vibration parameters of each of the tables.

Finally, we would like to mention that it offers different working options: wooden, plastic or metal trays with measurements of between 1,200 and 1,500 mm (length and width) and optional double layer equipment.

Other features of the Megabloc concrete block machine

The Megabloc concrete block machine includes, among others, the following features:

  •    Energy-saving on stops and starts.
  •    Time-saving on stops and starts (around two seconds per cycle).
  •    Prevents disintegration of material as vibration stops instantly.

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