3 examples of high production concrete block making machines

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26 October 2016
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Do you need top speed concrete block making machines?

At Poyatos you will find the best solutions because we supply high production concrete block making machines that also offer maximum reliability and reduce manufacturing times.

That’s why today we would like to talk to you about three of our concrete block making machines: the Universal, the Novabloc and the Megabloc.

Universal: the concrete block making machine that offers maximum reliability

The Poyatos Universal concrete block making machine will provide you with the maximum hourly production thanks to its synchronized unidirectional vibration (with a 10-level, double-tray elevator) and requires minimum maintenance.


It is equipped with a dosage system to measure (via several methods) the water, cement sand and gravel in order to provide the correct mix of the components to form concrete blocks.

Novabloc: shorter production times in your concrete block machine factory

If you are looking for the way to reduce production time for the manufacture of concrete blocks then Novabloc is the solution for you. This machine is equipped with modular vibration which consists of two vibrating axes that are unidirectionally synchronized.


Novabloc will also save you energy (on starts and stops) and will require a minimum investment in maintenance.

Megabloc: a high production concrete block making machine

This concrete block making machine is the perfect option for companies that require high output. What’s more, it offers a reliable, tried and tested system as well as a tele-assistance service for breakdowns.


It is equipped with modular vibration that consists of two, unidirectional synchronized vibrating axes – each one with two eccentric masses.

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