Universal P75: your high-production concrete block making machine

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20 February 2017
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Are you looking for a concrete block making machine that offers maximum production and reliability?

Then the Universal P75 concrete block making machine is your best choice. Patented by Poyatos, this is a submodel within the Universal range and offers great characteristics and services.

In today’s article we’ll describe the features, operation, and technical data of this concrete block making machine.

Key Features of Universal P75 Block Machine

Discover the main features of this block machine. Here’s a short list:
Tray dimensions: 1,240 x 750 or 660 mm
Cycle time 15-18 seconds
Piece per cycle: 7.5 blocks of 20 x 20 x 40/11 blocks of 10 x 20 x 20/25 10 x 20 paving stones
Maximum production per hour = 1,500 blocks of 20 x 20 x 40
Number of blocks per hour = 1,600
Approximate amount of concrete per hour = 10m3

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Operation of this concrete block machine

Here are some of the technical characteristics of the operation of the Universal P75 concrete block machine:

  • Handles two trays simultaneously and has a 90º x 180º turning system.
  • Tightens on all 4 sides and is electronically controlled.
  • 5-level double-tray encoder controlled elevator and lowerator. 5 levels 2x 2 trays.Total trays=10
  • Also features a turning system, electronic palletizer, drying and curing areas and has a 10-tray transfer system from drying zone.


What measurements do we need to install this concrete block making machine?

Finally, here are the facility measurements you will need to correctly install this concrete block making machine:

  • Total surface area 3,800 m2
  • Total installation power 88.90 KW / 118, 5 HP.


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