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6 February 2017
Concrete blocks
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Do you want your concrete blocks to undergo an aging process?

If so, the Poyatos bush-hammer aging machine is the best solution for you. This is an aging machine for concrete paving stones and other products, patented by Poyatos. It provides an aging process using a hammering system.

It comes equipped with 144 tempered steel hammers with the option of including 144 bush-hammer plates. It has a power of 6 kW and includes a noise-reducing booth which also acts as a dust intake chamber.


Do you need to give your concrete blocks some color?

Poyatos provides color dosage and distribution systems for powdered and granulated coloring suitable for all the concrete block making machines manufactured by Poyatos (Prima, Syncro, Megabloc, Novabloc and Universal).


What’s more, if you want to give your concrete blocks a better finish, you can achieve this by using our patented systems for the insertion of polystyrene layers. Also, have a look at the Poyatos concrete block making machines for the manufacture of soundproofed concrete blocks. These machines can work either manually or automatically depending on the model.

Cutting your concrete blocks

To do this job have a look at our Mod. E-600 semiautomatic concrete block splitter for cutting concrete blocks. It is equipped with four blades (upper, lower and lateral) and is semiautomatic.


This machine’s blades and support can handle blocks ranging from 40mm to 270mm in height (with an option of up to 420mm). It comes equipped with 600mm-long blades (with an option of up to 800mm).

Other features include a 7.5 HP hydraulic motor with a hydraulic pressure of 115 Kg/cm2 and a cutting power of 17,500 Kg.

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