Features of the mixing process in concrete batching plants 2

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25 October 2016
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Would you like to understand the different steps involved in a concrete batching plant?

In the previous article (Some features of the mixing process in concrete batching plants) we began to explain in depth some of the features of the mixing process in our concrete batching plants (concrete dosage and volume-based dosage belt conveyors). Today we will continue by explaining two other features.

Today we’re going to focus on the hoppers that are used for the storage of sands and gravel, the belt conveyor for aggregates and the cement silo which are three basic elements in the mixing process for the manufacture of any type of concrete block.

Hoppers for sand and gravel storage

This is the first factor we would like to mention: aggregates are stored in hoppers (constructed by the client using either prefabricated concrete or metal) and are separated by type and size according to the mixing design (depending on the mixing process required).

In fact, the number of hoppers required is equal to the number of aggregates needed. However, in most cases a minimum of two hoppers are required: one for fine aggregates and another for coarse aggregates which can be either sand and gravel or crushed stone respectively. This is a basic element in concrete batching plants.


Vertical collecting belt, or skip hoist, for aggregates

Secondly, we would like to talk about the vertical collecting belt, also known as a skip hoist, whose function is to transport the measured aggregates to the mixer. These are custom designed according to the project and the concrete block making machine.


Cement silo

Lastly it is important to mention that we recommend using bulk cement. For this reason a silo is required for correct storage.

The silo capacity will depend on the daily projected consumption and on the reliability of the cement provider. A 60-ton silo is usually required.



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