Examples of concrete blocks manufactured by our concrete block making machines

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17 October 2016
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Would you like to know what types of concrete blocks you will be able to make with our concrete block making machines?

As you know, here in Poyatos we are manufacturers of machinery for the production of concrete products and we would like to show you a small sample of what our machines can do.

Therefore, with the Poyatos concrete block making machines (Prima, Syncro, Universal, Megabloc and Novabloc) you will be able to produce paving stones (single and double-layer), concrete blocks (normal and split), concrete slabs, kerbstones, etc.

So whatever type of precast concrete you need to produce, you will no doubt find the machine you need in Poyatos.

Product gallery

See below a small sample (image library) of some of the products manufactured by our machines:

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