Do you want to install concrete batching plants?

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15 August 2017
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Do you want to install concrete batching plants?

Then at Poyatos you will find the best solutions. We manufacture and offer all the necessary products to provide our customers with turnkey factories.

At the Poyatos concrete block machine factory we offer great solutions for concrete batching plants including the following machines: the Turbomixer and the Planetary.

Turbomixer: complete processes for concrete blocks

The first machine we are going to talk about is the Turbomixer which provides the complete process for manufacturing concrete blocks.

This machine can be both manually and automatically activated using a pneumatic or hydraulic system and is adaptable to all the different types of concrete block making machines that we manufacture at Poyatos.

See the graph below for the power and load capacity of the different models:


This mixer also has a full cowling with a detachable cover and includes an inspection hatch. Lastly, it should also be noted that the motor is totally accessible from the outside of the mixer.

The Planetary for concrete batching plants

The Planetary provides your concrete block machines with faster production processes; this is state-of-the-art machinery for your concrete batching plants.

This is a state-of-the-art mixer with turbine mixer blades providing planetary movement plus a set of cushioned, replaceable turbo blades.

See the graph below for the power and load capacity of the different models we have available:


Main features of this machine for Concrete batching plants:

  • Hydraulically driven circular discharge gate on floor.
  • Protected with abrasion resistant plates on sides and floor.
  • Can be fitted with automatic humidity measuring and cleaning equipment.

Before we finish we’d like to add that here at Poyatos we have a highly qualified team with over 30 years of experience (we have been manufacturing since 1975). What’s more, we design and manufacture 14 different machine models patented by us which have an output capacity ranging from 800 to 5400 concrete blocks per hour.

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