Do you need machinery for concrete batching plants?

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28 July 2017
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Do you need machinery for concrete batching plants?

If so then Poyatos is the solution you are looking for, because we supply many types of machinery for concrete batching plants such as concrete block machines, turbomixers, the planetary, etc. Today we are going to focus on turbomixers in order to describe them a little more in depth. But before we start, we would like to point out that here at Poyatos our aim is to offer our customers turnkey installations. For this reason we manufacture concrete batching plants that carry out the complete process, including dosage, transport and the mixing of the raw materials for the creation of the concrete that is then fed into our block machines.

Main features of a Turbomixer

To begin with, the floor and sides of the Turbomixer drum are fully fitted with sheets of special anti-abrasive steel which can be easily removed and replaced. turbomezcladora_sidebar1 What’s more, the blade arms are pivotally mounted and cushioned with silent-bloc hard rubber; they are self-adjusting and replaceable, easily accessible and fully protected against dust. The pulleys are made of NI-HARD anti-abrasive cast iron.

How do Turbomixers work for concrete batching plants?

Before we finish we would like to go a little deeper into the operation of Turbomixers. This machine has a circular discharge gate in the floor of the machine which is constructed entirely of electro-welded steel; it is mechanized and bearing-mounted, providing smooth, low-stress operation.

It can be operated manually or automatically with either a pneumatic or hydraulic system and can include from one to three discharge gates. This mixer has a full cowling with a detachable cover and includes an inspection trapdoor. The motor is totally accessible from the outside of this mixer for concrete batching plants.

To conclude, have a look at the graph showing the different models with varying load capacities in liters, mixing production, power and SKIP power.


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