Discover the most powerful machines for the manufacture of concrete blocks in Poyatos

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13 February 2017
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Do you need machines making concrete blocks?

Then in Poyatos you will find what you need. We have different models of machines for manufacture of concrete blocks which are designed and patented by us: concrete block making machines to suit every need.

In our concrete block making machine factory you will find the most powerful machines with maximum output: Universal, Megabloc and Novabloc, and other more economical models with lower maintenance costs: Syncro and Prima.

Today, we are going to focus on the first three, the machines for the manufacture of concrete blocks that produce the greatest number of concrete blocks per hour.

Universal: Concrete block making machines with maximum hourly output

This is a concrete block making machine that provides maximum hourly concrete block production. It has unidirectional, synchronized vibration and is powered by a single motor (patented).

It also has a 10-level double-tray elevator and a water, cement and aggregate dosage system which evaluates the correct component mixture by means of different methods.

Megabloc: machines for the manufacture of concrete blocks with maximum reliability

This model has modular vibration and is one of the most reliable and robust systems. It is also a fast and productive machine.

Modular vibration consists of two unidirectionally synchronized vibrating shafts. This saves energy on starts and stops. In addition it ensures that there is no disintegration of material (due to instant vibration shut-down).

Novabloc: less investment in machinery

Lastly, the Novabloc model for the manufacture of concrete blocks requires less investment and low maintenance expenditure. It also saves time on starts and stops (about two seconds per cycle) and therefore saves time in your concrete block factory.


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