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12 June 2017
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Do you want to know how the Poyatos concrete block machines work?

We’ll give you a demonstration by showing you some of our videos. This way you’ll be able to see how they operate in a more practical way. In the last article we showed you some of our machines (Poyatos Prima, Syncro L, Syncro U and Megabloc), so today we are going to do the same with:

Concrete block making machines – Novabloc model

With Novabloc you can reduce the time it takes to manufacture concrete blocks while saving energy. This is a machine that needs very little investment in maintenance.

In addition, this model of machines for making concrete blocks includes a personalized electrical panel. Data storage (quantity of trays manufactured, pallets, waiting time loss, consumption of aggregates, cement, water, etc.).


The Universal concrete block machine offers maximum hourly output, with synchronized unidirectional vibration and minimal maintenance.

Prima L

This is the same as the PRIMA concrete block machine but with greater automation including an elevator-lowerator assembly that facilitates the process of tray transfer to the curing chamber, and a clamp for the final palletizing of the pieces.

By relying less on the human factor, production is boosted and plant productivity increases.

What did you think of these two articles about our machines for making concrete blocks? Have you learnt a little more about how they operate? Here at Poyatos we want to help our customers or possible clients to choose the machines that best suit their special needs and requirements.



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