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7 June 2017
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Do you want to know how the Poyatos concrete block machines work?

We’ll give you a demonstration by showing you some of our videos. This way you’ll be able to see how they operate in a more practical way and discover in detail how some of our machines operate.

If you want to find out more about different types of machinery other than those we are going to talk about today, please feel free to visit our YouTube channel.

Let’s start with 4 machines for manufacturing concrete blocks, and over the next few days we will publish the second part of this article with the remaining ones.

Machines for making concrete blocks: Prima model

The perfect concrete block machine for entrepreneurs. This machine is very economical and doesn’t require large electrical installations.

Syncro U concrete block machine

Automatic stationary concrete block machine, robust, easy to handle and minimum maintenance, but with a high production capacity.

Machines for the production of concrete blocks: Syncro L model

This model of machines for making concrete blocks goes a little further than the Syncro U.


A high output concrete block machine that offers a reliable tried and tested system, as well as a tele-assistance service for breakdowns.

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