Cut your concrete blocks with the Poyatos splitter machine

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5 June 2017
Concrete blocks
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Do you need machines to cut concrete blocks?

At Poyatos you will find the best solutions, such as the Semiautomatic Splitter, Mod. E-600. It is semi-automatic and is equipped with 4 blades (lower, upper and lateral) with mechanically and hydraulically compensated forces. This machine also has a support for concrete blocks ranging from 40mm to 270mm in height (option of up to 420mm).

Its main technical features include 600mm-long blades (option of up to 800mm), a 7.5 HP hydraulic motor with a hydraulic pressure of 115 Kg/cm2 and a cutting power of 17,500 Kg.

Have a look at this video to see how it works in greater detail:

Splitter machine accessories

You can also add accessories for loading and final packaging with manual clamps or fully automatic splitter circuits according to your needs and factory specifications.

This machine for concrete products is an ideal complement to our automatic concrete block making machines and our high-production concrete block machines that will allow you to manufacture concrete blocks of the highest quality.

Automatic concrete block splitter Mod A-600/4: one step beyond

At Poyatos you will also find splitter machines for concrete blocks that adapt to high-production factories, such as the Mod A-600/4. This machine is fully automatic and is equipped with 4 upper, lower and lateral blades with compensated mechanical and hydraulic splitting force.


The cutting length is 610mm with a height range from 40 to 270mm (option of up to 370mm). However, it requires slightly greater installation power: 15 HP or 20 HP; hydraulic pressure: 115 Kg/cm2 and a cutting power of 20,000 Kg. But this machine provides a much greater production capacity of up to 24 concrete blocks per minute (12 cuts/minute) or 36 blocks per minute (18 cuts/minute).

Check out this video to see how it works in greater detail:

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