Concrete blocks: find the right machinery

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30 January 2018
Concrete blocks
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Looking for machinery for your concrete blocks?

In that case Poyatos will be the best solution because, as we have already mentioned on several occasions, you will find many different options available at our factory. But before we take a closer look at these machines for concrete blocks, we would like to mention three key aspects of our organisation:

Machines for concrete blocks manufactured in Spain

At Poyatos we manufacture machinery to give special finishes to all your products. In addition, these are designed for installations with automated storage and will therefore make your everyday work easier.

We are quality-guaranteed manufacturers

And we also provide all the quality guarantees because our company has been manufacturing automatic plants for precast concrete since 1975.

As European manufacturers, we comply with all the regulations and guarantees of the European Community and the European Union (ISO, EN); as well as with the Spanish Regulations (AENOR).

Poyatos: ecological construction 

And lastly, we care and respect the environment. That is why all our processes are environmentally friendly.

Machinery for providing a better finish to concrete blocks

If you need machinery for your concrete batching plants in order to ensure a better finish for your concrete blocks, then have a look at these machines.

Splitter machines for concrete blocks

The main function of the semi-automatic splitter is to cut concrete blocks, and it is equipped with 4 blades (upper, lower and lateral).


These machines provide an aging process for concrete blocks by means of a hammering process and are equipped with 144 hardened steel hammers – ideal for your concrete batching plants.


Finally, we would also like to highlight our polystyrene injection and color dosing systems. You can get better finishes for your concrete blocks by inserting colored polystyrene layers.

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