Prima Press: the concrete block making machine for entrepreneurs

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1 August 2016
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Are you an entrepreneur with a new project that requires the manufacture of concrete products?

If so, the Prima Press will adapt perfectly to your needs. This is the most economical concrete block making machine and is ideal for manufacturing both quality industrial concrete blocks and special pieces.

This is the quintessential concrete block making machine for entrepreneurs. It adapts perfectly to the needs of businesses that are planning projects in developing countries

This model consists of high-output stationery presses for the automatic production of concrete and block manufacture.

How does the Prima Press concrete block making machine for entrepreneurs work?

This machine goes one step ahead of ordinary concrete block making machines because the process is semiautomatic.

So, instead of the machine moving (and taking up extra space) it is the racks that move, and once the product has been vibrated on either wooden or metallic racks they are removed by the machine operator for transfer to the curing area. The product is then manually palletized.

A semiautomatic process with a much higher production output than ordinary concrete block making machines. Check out our website to see the technical features of the Prima Press.

No need for large electrical systems

There is no need for a large electrical system in order to install the Prima Press concrete block making machine as it only requires 15.75 kW.

This offers a great advantage on both a functional and economic level, especially in developing countries where electrical systems are not yet fully functional.

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Prima Press L: one step beyond

The Prima Press L goes one step further in automation by adding an elevator-lowerator system to facilitate the process of transferring the racks to the curing area. It also includes a gripper for the palletization of the final product.

Therefore this new concrete block making machine energizes production and increases installation productivity by lessening dependence on the human factor.

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