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17 August 2016
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Are you looking for a concrete block machine factory that offers guarantees?

Poyatos offers you a guaranteed after-sales service which is the most competitive on the market. When you purchase one of our systems we become your partners for the entire duration of the machine’s long lifespan.

For this purpose we have a team of specialized technicians available within a 24-hour period on every continent in the world. Our concrete blockmaking machine factory has a telephone helpline in several languages (Spanish, English, French, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese).

Spare parts for all types of concrete blockmaking machines

In order to provide you with the most competitive, guaranteed after-sales service we have a very wide range of spare parts for all the types of concrete block machines that we sell (see our website) manufactured by us in our Poyatos factory.

What’s more, our logistics department will find the fastest and most economical way to deliver your spare parts. We also have large supplies of spare parts in many countries to speed up delivery times and customs procedures.


Maximum information on our concrete block machines

As a means of offering as much information as possible on our purchased concrete block machines, we have a helpline service which provides remote access to the machine’s software program. In this way our technical team can help with any problems that occur during production.

Lastly, in order to offer you an excellent after-sales service we provide the reference numbers for all our spare parts so that, if required, you can order them directly from your local distributor.


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