Concrete batching plants: turnkey installations at Poyatos

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24 November 2017
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Do you want to install a concrete batching plant?

In Poyatos we supply all the necessary machinery for you to carry out the complete process of dosing, transport and mixing of raw materials at your concrete batching plants.

And, we support you throughout the entire manufacturing process. Once you have purchased our machinery, we will be with you throughout its useful life, providing you with spare parts, telephone assistance and a team of specialists.

Mixers for your concrete batching plants

We also have two types of mixers which adapt to the different concrete mixing systems. They can be operated either manually or automatically by means of a pneumatic or hydraulic system that adapts to all types of concrete block making machines.

On one hand, we have the Turbomixer that has a mixing drum completely covered on the bottom and sides with special plates made of antiabrasive steel that that can be bolted and replaced.


On the other hand we have the Planetary, ideal for all concrete batching plants. This is state-of-the-art machinery and ensures a faster concrete block production process.

 Poyatos: an eco-friendly concrete block machine factory

At Poyatos we take care of the environment, so all our products are environmentally friendly.

We also comply with all the European and Spanish manufacturing regulations. So you’ll have all the guarantees you need when you buy our machinery.

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