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18 July 2017
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Machines for making concrete blocks all over the world

Looking for a factory that makes concrete block machines? Is so then Poyatos is the solution for you because we have representatives on 4 continents. Our concrete block machine factory has representatives in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, Central America and North America – in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, USA, Brazil, Colombia, […]

13 January 2017
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Megabloc: machines for manufacturing concrete blocks with a reliable system

Are you looking for machines making concrete blocks that are tried, tested and reliable? If so then Megabloc is the solution for you. This machine not only provides a system that is reliable, tried and tested, but also a remote tele-assistance service for breakdowns. This is a high-output machine for manufacturing concrete blocks ideal for […]

14 November 2016
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Output of our machines for making concrete blocks

Find out how many pieces each of our machines for making concrete blocks can produce Every concrete batching plant or concrete block making factory is unique and needs different volumes of production depending on the requirements of each company. For this reason here in Poyatos we patent and manufacture concrete block making machines that offer […]

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