12 June 2018
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Poyatos: Manufacturers of European concrete block making machines

Are you looking for a reliable concrete block making machine manufacturer? Then you can count on Poyatos, because we are manufacturers of concrete block machines for the production of prefabricated concrete and specialists in comprehensive solutions for the setting-up of concrete block factories. We have been manufacturing since 1975; as you can read on our […]

21 May 2018
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Our most economical concrete block making machines: Prima and Syncro

Looking for low-cost concrete block machines? Then the Prima and Syncro block machines are the best choice on the market.We refer to two of the most economical models and are ideal options for entrepreneurs and businesses that are planning to launch a new project in a developing country. So, in this article we want to […]

11 December 2017
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Syncro Concrete Block Machines: minimum maintenance in your factory

Need to reduce the maintenance of your concrete block machines? Then the Syncro, an automatic concrete block making machine, may well become your best partner. In addition, you can reduce costs without having to sacrifice excellent output. The Syncro concrete block making machines don’t need major investments in maintenance, so you can reduce your manufacturing […]

20 November 2017
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Novabloc Concrete Block Machine: main advantages

Looking for a high production and minimum maintenance concrete block machine? If so, then the Novabloc concrete block machine is the main contender for you. This block machine requires a minimum investment in maintenance while ensuring rapid production. So it is the ideal choice and a balance between production and minimum investment. Main advantages of […]

12 October 2017
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Prima: the concrete block machines for entrepreneurs

Looking for an economical concrete block making machine? Then our Prima concrete block machine may well be the best choice on the market. This model is highly economical and adapts perfectly to the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners hoping to launch a new project in a developing country. This is because, among other factors, […]

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