1 February 2018
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Find the best machines making concrete blocks worldwide

Are you looking for concrete block machines for your factory? Then we can certainly help you at Poyatos, wherever you are, because we have representatives in many parts of the world. Our concrete block machine factory has representatives in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, Central America and North America and we have representatives on […]

18 December 2017
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Prima concrete block machines: main features

Are you an entrepreneur and need concrete block machines? Then the Prima concrete block machine may prove to be your best option. This is the most economical concrete block making machine, and yet it is an ideal machine for producing quality concrete blocks, both industrially and for the manufacture of special parts. Prima is the […]

11 December 2017
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Universal: what sets these concrete block machines apart?

 What are the main features of these concrete block making machines? The Universal concrete block making machines are a great option because they are a model of automatic block making machines which offer great reliability in finishes as well as providing synchronized unidirectional vibration, and they require minimum maintenance. These concrete block machines enable continuous […]

27 November 2017
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The Megabloc concrete block machine: why choose it?

Are you looking for the most reliable concrete block machine? Then the Megabloc concrete block making machines may well be your best choice, as they offer a reliable and highly tried and tested system with modular vibration and minimal requirements to get them up and running. It also features an installation control system with a […]

30 October 2017
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4 tips for choosing concrete block machines

Do you need to choose a concrete block machine but don’t know where to start? In that case, we are sure this article will be of help. We’ll give you some tips in order to make the best choice of this type of construction machinery. Our advice is presented in the form of questions that […]

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