17 January 2019
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4 reasons to choose Poyatos concrete block machines

Do you want to know how concrete block machines work? Poyatos is the best solution for you. Because we have extensive experience in all types of concrete block machines – but before we go any further, we’ll give you 4 good reasons why you should choose us: 1. Our vast experience at our concrete block […]

2 January 2019
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How do concrete block machines work? We explain it to you in this article

Do you want to know how concrete block machines work? Then this article will be of interest to you, because we intend to show you how they work in a clear and simple way. We have to start by differentiating between automatic, semi-automatic and manual concrete block machines. In the latter case it is the […]

20 December 2018
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Universal concrete block machines: maximum reliability

 Do you need concrete block machines that offer maximum production reliability? In that case the Universal concrete block machines will be the right choice for you. These machines are among the most reliable on the market and they also offer maximum hourly production: they include unidirectional synchronized vibration and require minimum maintenance. Our website includes […]

5 December 2018
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The best concrete block machines in Vietnam

Are you looking for concrete block machines to launch a new project in Vietnam? Then at Poyatos we can be of help. Because we now have representatives in Vietnam; our organization aims to deliver our products to every part of the world, so you can buy concrete block machines in Vietnam, for example, but also […]

3 November 2018
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Advantages of our Novabloc concrete block machines

 Do you want to know how the Novabloc concrete block machines work? In short, with the Novabloc you will be able to reduce the manufacturing time for concrete blocks and save energy. All this with minimum investment in maintenance. The Novabloc concrete block machines feature modular vibration, consisting of two unidirectionally synchronized vibrating shafts which […]

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