9 October 2018
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Poyatos concrete block machine factory: a company you can rely on

 Are you looking for a reliable Spanish concrete block machine factory? If so, we are the solution you’re looking for. Since 1975 we have been manufacturing high production concrete block machines, automatic concrete block making machines as well as concrete plants and products for obtaining the best finish for your concrete blocks. At our concrete […]

6 May 2018
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5 reasons to choose the Poyatos concrete block machine factory

Do you need to buy concrete block making machines and don’t know which factory to choose? Poyatos is your best choice for a number of reasons that we would like to explain to you below.But, first of all, we would like to advise you that if you want to buy concrete block machines, you should […]

19 April 2018
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Poyatos concrete block machine factory: find out how our products work

Do you want to know how our concrete block machines work? In today’s article we want to highlight the functionality of some of our most well-known products: concrete block machines, splitting machines, etc. We consider that the best way to do this is by watching some of our videos. A simple and practical way for […]

31 October 2017
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Poyatos: manufacturer of Spanish Concrete Block Machines

Do you want to buy concrete block machines with all the guarantees? Then go for a Spanish concrete block machine manufacturer. Because we comply with all the regulations and guarantees of the European Community and the European Union (ISO, EN) as well as the Spanish (A. E. N. O. R.) Standard. Offering quality guarantees to […]

30 October 2017
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Poyatos concrete block machine factory: our values

Do you want to know the key values of our concrete block machine factory? At Poyatos we have been manufacturing concrete block machines of all types (from the most economical to those of highest output) since 1975. We therefore provide manufacturing guarantees endorsed by all our years of production and the projects we have carried […]

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