24 October 2018
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Concrete batching plants at Poyatos: Turnkey installations

Do you want to install a concrete batching plant? At Poyatos we make it easy for you by offering turnkey installations in multiple locations around the world. This is all possible because we provide the machinery for your concrete batching plants to carry out the complete process of dosing, transport and mixing of raw materials. Our […]

30 July 2018
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Concrete plants at Poyatos: all you need to know

Do you want to build a concrete plant? If so, then Poyatos will be your best partner, because we offer machinery to carry out the complete process of dosing, transporting and mixing of raw materials at your concrete plants. Just ask us for information and we will be happy to help you. Now, just in […]

4 June 2018
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What are concrete batching plants? Let us explain what they are

Do you want to learn about concrete batching plants and how they work? Then this article will be of interest to you; we will tell you a little about these types of installations and discuss in depth the machinery we can offer for them. As Wikipedia explains: Concrete batching plants are facilities used for the manufacture […]

5 April 2018
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Concrete plants at Poyatos: the best solutions

Are you planning to set up a concrete plant? Then, at the Poyatos concrete block machine factory you will find some great solutions, because we have two machines for concrete plants: the Turbomixer and the Planetary. However, before going into more detail, we would like to point out that we have a highly qualified team […]

3 February 2018
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Planetaries for concrete plants: which model to choose?

Are you looking for machines to put your concrete batching plants to work? As you know, at Poyatos we will provide the best solutions adapted to the needs of our customers. We seek to offer turnkey facilities, as we discussed in the previous article. As we have already looked at the Turbomixers, today we are […]

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