2 February 2018
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Turbomixers for concrete plants: which model to choose?

Are you looking for machinery for your concrete plants? Then at Poyatos we will provide you with the best solutions adapted to your needs. For the purpose of offering turnkey installations, we manufacture concrete plants that carry out the complete process of dosing, transporting and mixing of raw materials for the production of the concrete […]

24 December 2017
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Concrete plants: two essential machines

Do you want to know what machinery is essential for concrete batching plants? At Poyatos we explain everything to you. We have the necessary machinery to install turnkey concrete plants. And, in this article we are going to tell you about two types: the Turbomixer is operated manually and automatically by means of either a […]

24 November 2017
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Concrete batching plants: turnkey installations at Poyatos

Do you want to install a concrete batching plant? In Poyatos we supply all the necessary machinery for you to carry out the complete process of dosing, transport and mixing of raw materials at your concrete batching plants. And, we support you throughout the entire manufacturing process. Once you have purchased our machinery, we will […]

31 October 2017
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MF series Mixers for Concrete Batching Plants

Do you own a concrete batching plant and need machinery? Then the MF Series Mixers for Concrete Batching Plants may be one of your best options. Because they are manufactured with every requirement in mind. With the aim of offering our customers turnkey installations, at Poyatos we manufacture concrete batching plants that carry out the […]

5 October 2017
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Do you want to start up a concrete batching plant?

Do you want to start up a business? If you want to begin a new work project and start up a business, you should take the following advice into account: Work with determination and focus all your efforts on your new project. Be creative and try to innovate every day. Work with enthusiasm and enjoy […]

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