2 examples of automatic concrete block making machines

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31 October 2016
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Do you need automatic concrete block making machines?

You may remember the article we shared with you the other day on this blog called 3 examples of high production concrete block making machines; today we’re going to do the same regarding automatic concrete block making machines.

We’re going to highlight some of the special features of two of the concrete block making machines that we manufacture in Poyatos: the Prima and the Syncro.

Prima: the ideal concrete block machine for entrepreneurs

This is the most economical concrete block making machine and is ideal for manufacturing quality concrete blocks both at an industrial level and for special pieces. It consists of two fixed presses and has high output capacity. These machines stand out for their robustness, ease-of-use and simple maintenance.


Another strong point of this machine for making concrete blocks is that it does not require a large electrical installation (it only needs 15.75 kW) so it therefore adapts very well to the needs and characteristics of business people who plan to launch a project in a developing country.

Syncro: the concrete block making machine that requires minimum maintenance

This is a stationary concrete block making machine which requires minimum maintenance but has a large production capacity and has a synchronized vibration system powered by a 15 kW frequency converter motor.


The stationary Syncro press is robust and easy to use and (in the same way as the Prima) uses a semiautomatic process. Instead of the machine moving (therefore taking up a large area of space) it is the trays that move.

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