Automatic concrete block machines: Prima or Syncro?

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11 July 2017
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Looking for an automatic concrete block machine?

Then Poyatos has the best solution – the automatic block machines: Prima or Syncro. Both of them meet all the quality standards and provide you with high outputs of concrete blocks.

Now, it should be said that depending on your needs or objectives the Prima concrete block machine may be better adapted to your requirements than the Syncro. And in today’s article we want to look at some of these situations.

Prima automatic concrete block making machines for entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you need to launch a project in a developing country? In that case the Prima machine for the manufacture of concrete blocks is your ideal solution. In short, this machine is very economical and does not need large electrical installations.


This is an economical model for entrepreneurs with projects in developing countries to make quality concrete products or manufacture special concrete pieces on an industrial level.

However, it should also be remembered that these machines have high output capacity, they are robust and very easy to handle and maintain. These machines mean that both the production of concrete and the manufacture of pieces are automatic processes.

Looking for a concrete block machine that needs minimal maintenance?

Then the Syncro model will best adapt to your needs. These are stationary automatic concrete block machines that are robust, easy to use and require minimal maintenance, but have significant production capacity and a synchronized vibration system driven by a 15Kw motor powered by a frequency converter.


Also, these concrete block machines work with wooden or metal trays with a length ranging from 1200mm to 1400mm and from 600mm to 900mm in width.

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