Aging processes for concrete blocks

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6 May 2018
Concrete blocks
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Are you looking to add an aging process to your concrete blocks?

Then at Poyatos you will find the best solutions, such as our bush-hammer aging machine which will give the ideal finish to your concrete blocks.

This machine, combined with the splitting machines for concrete blocks (the semi-automatic splitting machine for cutting concrete blocks is equipped with 4 blades (upper, lower and sides), and the polystyrene injection and color dosing systems, will allow you to achieve the best finishes.

How does this concrete plant machinery work?

The bush-hammer aging machine features a hammer-action aging process and is equipped with 144 hardened steel hammers. An ideal partner to provide an aging process for concrete blocks.

Bloques de hormigón

Technical features of the bush-hammer aging machine

Finally, we would like to give you the main technical specifications of the machinery for your concrete batching plants:

  • Patented aging machine for paving stones and other pieces applied to the upper part of each piece.
  • Aging procedure by hammering.
  • Equipped with 144 hardened steel hammers.
  • Optional: 144 bush-hammer plates (not included).
  • Power: 6 kW.
  • Equipped with a booth to dampen noise and which at the same time acts as a dust suction chamber.

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