Megabloc: a high-output concrete block making machine

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9 August 2016
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Do you need a reliable, tried and tested concrete block making machine?

The Megabloc concrete block press machine includes modular vibration which makes it a very reliable, fast and productive system; it also requires very little to get it up and running. It needs minimum maintenance and therefore helps reduce costs.

The system also includes an encoder to electronically control the rate of vibration with maximum precision and frequency. This makes the Megabloc one of the most reliable concrete block press machines on the market.

The highest production level on the market

What’s more, this machine for manufacturing concrete blocks provides the highest level of productivity on the market (more than 4,500 20cm concrete blocks per hour, 18 pieces per tray) thanks to its modular vibration system (patented) which is powered by a single 45 kW motor. And because the motor is based on two independent vibration tables, it permits compensation when filling the moulds via the adjustment of the vibration parameters of each table.

The mega block concrete block maker press can be used to work with wooden, plastic or metal trays with measurements of between 1,200 and 1,500 mm (both length and width) with optional double layer equipment.

Do you need to transport trays directly to the curing chamber?

For transporting trays to the curing chamber the Megabloc can optionally include a Multiforca forklift which is adapted to the features of each project with regard to the number of height levels, maximum transport load, use of rotary platform, etc.


The Megabloc also includes an automatic electronic double column palletizer with high-speed upward and downward movements. It also has 2 independent encoder-controlled grip devices so that the correct pressure parameters can be applied to each product.

Tele-assistance service based on specific software program

One of the highlights of this concrete block making machine is the specific software program with a touchscreen for simple and intuitive handling.

This program provides all kinds of information on the work in progress, maintenance, management data (production, consumption, incidents, etc.) and also allows a tele-assistance service with remote access in the event of serious faults.


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