5 reasons to choose the Poyatos concrete block machine factory

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6 May 2018
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Do you need to buy concrete block making machines and don’t know which factory to choose?

Poyatos is your best choice for a number of reasons that we would like to explain to you below.But, first of all, we would like to advise you that if you want to buy concrete block machines, you should be clear about what you are really looking for and what your needs and specifications are, as well as the particular context of your concrete plants.

1. Our concrete block machine factory has vast experience

At Poyatos we have extensive experience in the sector because we have been manufacturing different concrete block machines since 1975.In addition, we have exported and assembled turnkey machine factories in countries such as: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Greece, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Portugal, France, Poland, Cape Verde, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Malaysia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, etc.In all of these locations we have contributed to the construction of houses, public works and all kinds of constructions.

2. Extensive catalogue

We have an extensive catalogue of vibrocompressor concrete block machines (with fully automatic circuits for transport and storage of pieces); concrete block machines that provide superimposed production.

3. Design with our own patents

In addition, all our concrete block machines are designed and manufactured under our own patents. We have 14 different models of concrete block-making machines with outputs ranging from 800 to 5,400 blocks/hour (blocks of 400x200x200).

4. Advanced systems

Our concrete block machine factory in Granada is at the forefront of the latest technological systems. And all our machines are equipped with the most advanced systems, which can produce all kinds of concrete pieces (blocks, bricks, highway kerbs, paving stones, floor slabs, decorative lattices, etc.).

5. The values of our concrete block machine factory

Finally, we would like to emphasize our values, because at Poyatos our primary mission is to offer the best service to all our customers. We also have highly qualified staff to provide personalized service both during and after sales.



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