4 tips for choosing concrete block machines

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30 October 2017
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Do you need to choose a concrete block machine but don’t know where to start?

In that case, we are sure this article will be of help. We’ll give you some tips in order to make the best choice of this type of construction machinery.

Our advice is presented in the form of questions that you should ask yourself before choosing your concrete block machines:

1. What is my budget for the purchase of concrete block machines?

For example, our company has several models of concrete block machines (patented by us), ranging from the most economical (such as the Prima or the Syncro) to others with greater production capacity, but that also require greater expenditure. Concrete block machines 1

At the same time, some of these machines also require less maintenance and power capacity … and this means great savings on expenses.

 2. What are my objectives for my concrete block making machines?

Do you need a high hourly output or are you just starting up and prefer to make a smaller investment? If yours is the former situation, the Universal, Megabloc or Novabloc machines for manufacturing concrete blocks are your best options.

You can also opt for the highest reliability in production…

3. Where am I planning to install my machine fo the mafufacture of concrete blocks?

Concrete block machines 2How much space do you have in your factory? What facilities do you have? Each model has different characteristics and sizes…

4. How much power capacity do you have?

The last point to take into consideration is the power capacity you have available… depending on the country, the factory, and the facilities, you may have different power capacities and this will affect your decision when purchasing your concrete block making machines.

Once you have answered all these questions, have a look at our website to see the characteristics of all our concrete block machines and choose the option that best suits your needs.


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