3 types of concrete block machines to suit your needs

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19 February 2018
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Are you looking for a concrete block machine  and don’t know which one best suits your needs?

At Poyatos we offer the best solutions and have a wide range of concrete block machines to suit the characteristics and requirements of each company.

So today we are going to talk about the 3 high-production concrete block making machines that we have at our factory, all of them manufactured and patented by us:

1. The Universal: the concrete block making machine that offers maximum reliability

This type of concrete block machine has a 10 level  elevator and double tray that performs the vertical movement of the blocks and includes an automatic palletizer with pallet magazine and roller conveyor system.

Furthermore, as stated on our website,”the dosing system for water, cement and aggregates uses different methods to evaluate the correct mix of the components to make concrete blocks completely autonomatically.”

2. Novabloc: Save time in your concrete block factory

This machine includes modular vibration which consists of two vibrating shafts which are synchronized unidirectionally. “Two eccentric rotating masses are attached to each shaft which, at full power and load, either offset or complement each other to create different vibration levels without having to shut off the motor” (as we can see in the product description).

3. Megabloc: the high output concrete block machine

Lastly, the high output Megabloc concrete block machine offers a reliable and tried-and-tested system as well as tele-assistance service for breakdowns.

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